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Lund Brandhouse is a Danish-based brand house, specialised in owning, gathering and distributing unique quality brands within lifestyle, trends and design all over the world. With an eye for trends and a well-established business understanding, we offer routine, experience and stability.

Our ever-growing portfolio of brands include, among others:

Eric the Sailor

New, Scandinavian series of swim trunks for men, inspired by the tale of an old sailor and his adventurous life at sea.

We make a professional website in WordPress or a tailor-made solution built from scratch in a Laravel / PHP framework.


Sustainable, unique jewellery brand combining fashion and a fascination for nature with social responsibility. The jewellery is handmade and produced with fine, organic materials from the Brazilian nature.

Opskrifter is a new universe of inspiration for all food lovers out there. Through everything from pictures, video and blogs to exciting events and delicious recipes, inspires better, healthier and more fun ways of cooking.



The brand is the soul of your business. It is what sets you apart from your competitors and creates memorability with your audience. The process of creating your new brand and business, however, can be long and offer many difficult decisions to make.


A brand is nothing without a quality product to back it. The initial considerations in regards to product and concept development are vital to future strategic decisions and the overall success of your business.


Even the best product does not sell itself. Competition is fierce and you are constantly competing for the attention of your audience. This requires you to think outside the box and utilise creative and alternative methods to share your message and present your product. But which? And how? It all comes down to your brand and business.

Professional Network

A good network can open doors to new opportunities, partners and customers. Having a solid network, however, is a luxury that not all entrepreneurs have. But that should never be limiting to the potential of your business.


Lund Brandhouse also serves as an incubator for new businesses by offering a great environment for development and inspiration. Here, entrepreneurs and self-employed can meet, exchange ideas and experiences, and receive the support and guidance they need to realise their dreams.

Starting a new business can be time-consuming and seem overwhelming. Where to start? Where and how to get your products manufactured? And what about your go-to-market strategy?

We are here to help you. With many years of experience within product development, business management, innovation processes and branding, we can offer you the sparring you need.

We offer counselling, office facilities, organisational development and access to our wide network of freelancers, as well as manufacturers and distributors within especially textile and cosmetics. Our business builds on trust and optimism, and where others see challenges, we see opportunities. We are ready to help you all the way from idea through execution.

Do you have a great business idea or a dream of becoming an entrepreneur? Contact us to learn how we can make it happen – together.

We also have our own idea bank filled with exciting projects, concepts and ideas only waiting to be realised. Do you have the skills and the drive, but are you missing the right idea? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Who knows – there might be a match!


Lund Brandhouse is founded and owned by Martin Lund Mollerup and Brian Lund Mollerup. Based in Copenhagen, Lund Brandhouse represents a unique combination of experience and business understanding. This is made available for unique brands and passionate entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next step in realising their dreams.


Brian Lund Mollerup

Tlf: +45 40 25 35 32

With a wide network in the private and public labour market, Brian has become acquainted with a broad range of industries.

His background within business and administration has led to several executive positions within detail, including the Dagrofa concern, Spar Danmark, ISO and Superbest, where he has led a number of successful acquisitions and fusions, and created impressive revenue growth.

Through a strong commitment to Danish handball, Brian has also acted as co-owner of Slagelse Handball and is currently the chairman of Copenhagen Handball. With his solid experience within business management and market development, Brian has also occupied several board positions and led many entrepreneurial adventures to success.

Today, he remains active as Chairman of the Board in 11 companies, of which four are his own. And now, he is ready to share his knowledge and experience.


Martin Lund Mollerup

Tlf: +45 26 14 22 44

Martin is a young, energetic entrepreneur with a creative worldview and a passion for product development, design and marketing. A bachelor’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business Academy and San Diego State University in California makes up the solid foundation and a well-established context for the countless entrepreneurial adventures that Martin has been a part of.

Most recently, Martin has experienced great success as the founder of the popular Danish grooming brand Barberians Cph and the new clothing brand Eric the Sailor, where he was responsible for both concept development, product design and branding.

Despite his age, Martin thus already possesses a wide network within textile and cosmetic manufacturers and distributors, as well as a well grounded routine in starting new businesses - from strategy to manufacturing and marketing. There is never far from idea to action, and the energetic drive to make things happen is not to be mistaken. With an eye for trends and a passion for innovation, Martin is always looking for his next adventure.


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